3rd Grade Math Activities

This is where you can begin browsing all of our available 3rd Grade math activities— 3rd Grade math lessons — for when you don’t need a whole lesson, but are looking for ways to provide additional, targeted practice to meet the various needs of your students. Use the provided filters, or simply click on one of the activity types below (e.g., "Tasks") to explore all available resources, from all providers, in that category.

711 Activities

Application Problems 3rd Grade activities

Problems that help students understand how to choose and apply the correct mathematics concept in new situations

119 Activities

Fluency Activities 3rd Grade activities

Brief activities designed to promote automaticity with skills and procedures by engaging students in practice in fast-paced, energetic ways

376 Activities

Problem Sets 3rd Grade activities

Assignments done either independently or with teacher guidance; can be graded in class as part of the lesson

167 Activities

Student Achievement Partners
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Tasks 3rd Grade activities

Interesting and unusual problems designed to deepen student thinking

49 Activities

Illustrative Mathematics